Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jobcrate and what does it do?

Jobcrate is a marketplace connecting individuals with the best technology companies in the world. Every week, we highlight our candidates to companies looking to hire individuals in an array of positions. Companies can check out our candidates profile that includes things like their resume, job expertise and much more. Companies can then reach out and welcome individuals to interview with the company for a position they are looking to hire for.

What type of technology companies do you work with?

We work with funded enterprise tech companies and startups in Austin. Our focus is to build the highest quality network where we can give our candidates the best opportunities.

We only allow the best companies onto our platform so the opportunities and companies that are interested in you, are the best in the business. We are very strict on who we let onto the platform.

And no - we do not work with recruiting agencies and firms.

What positions do companies in your network hire for?

Companies in our network are hiring for positions in Software Engineering (Front-End, Back-End, DevOps, Engineering Managers, Hardware, Mobile), Design and Product (UX+UI, Graphic, Product Management), Business Roles (Marketing, Finance, Sales, Account Management, Legal, Customer Support) and Executive roles (CEO, CTO, CMO, CFO, etc). Basically any job title you can think of in the technology industry.

If your a recent gradudate, you can also tailor your profile to look for opportunities in your desired career path.

What cities do your companies and firms hire for?

Right now we are focused on Austin and Remote positions. We are working to bring Jobcrate to more cities around the United States and the world :)

How do companies find individual profiles?

Like we stated, we feature our candidates in batches. We select the best talent that we think companies would be interested in hiring. We notify our candidates when they are accepted into a batch 7-10 days after applying. Typically batches are run for 3-4 weeks and are featured to the companies on our platform. Once a candidates batch is over, they can still be found in the sourcing dashboard that companies can search through. If you weren’t successful in finding a job in your first batch, we happily feature candidates in future batches and your profile will always be searchable by companies.

What if I am currently employed and my current company uses your platform?

We allow you to hide your profile from any company you would like. During the sign up process, or once you have been accepted - we give you the ability to add any companies you would like to hide your profile from so that they do not know you are looking for new opportunities.

Have any other questions?

We'd be more than happy to answer. Contact us at

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