5 Tips To Get That Job In Tech

Start building your skill set

Technology companies have an increasing need for multi-discplined employees. Whether that be product managers that can code, software engineers who can speak to users and clients, support managers who can dig through data and many more positions. It is essential to have skills that are not solely based on your position. While we don't advise focusing all your attention on code for example if you are a salesman, but having the knowledge and general understanding of other disciplines can be a great asset for a company, and most of all yourself! (Being at a technology company, we definitely recommend gaining knowledge on code).

Be ready to speak about previous projects and how you executed them

Companies and recruiters love to see projects you've done in the past. Being able to show-off previous work and data to back it up will definitely help you get hired. Whether that be showing off a sales campaign that you executed, a feature you built for a previous company as a software engineer or how you scaled support teams from small startup to enterprise. We advise having these ready on paper before you have an interview either over the phone. If you have an in-person interview, go the extra mile. Print out a project guide of some work you've done. This will go a long way.

Focus on the future and not your past

Technology companies are becoming more and more likely to hire the right person with limited experience, over those that may have a ton of experience. Hiring managers are increasingly open to hiring a better cultural fit, even if they don't exactly have the background that fulfills the role. Keep looking forward, focus on your own skills and personal growth, don't focus on the past.

Prove you can hit the ground running, and learn on the way

Show technology companies that you can hit the ground running on day 1, and that you can keep learning and improving yourself a long the way. Speaking to hiring and recruiting managers, they are looking to fill roles with people that can make an instant impact, and those that are engaged to improve and more likely to stay at the company for years to come.

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